Sept 11, 2001 only hours after the attack, Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York said this: " We remain the strongest nation on the Earth. But we are not liked all around the world. We have to find new, other ways of dealing with people's unhappiness with us. Ways that we have not yet found."

Interesting quote, one which admits that old ways of dealing with enemies have not worked (the Israelis also admit, making martyrs of your enemies with violent retaliation invites further martyrdoms)! Does Cuomo know about Superradiance, I wonder?


A New Way - There is a way and its the only defense against suicidal extremists: The Maharishi Effect or Superradiance [which was used very effectively 5000 years ago]. In Vedic times, the warrior, merchant and worker classes were supported and protected by a small percentage of the population called the Brahmins who collectively took silence. This group experience would enliven the underlying silent field that strengthens the integrity of the whole nation. Re-discovered to work the first time in 1974, it was repeated and validated over the years in some dramatic experiments and published in current peer-reviewed journals.


My explanation of how it works: If you believe the following to be true: "As you sow, so shall you reap" (Or, more contemporary; "What goes around, comes around"), then you are capable of understanding the whole thing:


Non-linear world - The as-you-sow/reap law of nature means you are responsible for your actions and thoughts - made responsible by a cosmic accounting system based on the fact that everything is interconnected at its basis. This natural, intelligent interconnection also is the explanation for:


the mysteriousness of some things in life


the reason for calamities,


why no man is an island,


why people say, "we get the leaders we deserve",


why Nature doesn't make mistakes,


why "all is well and rightly put".


These above-mentioned things are part of the non-linear world. Quantum physics is non-linear, mysterious: particles manifesting our of nothing and tunneling through time and space to appear somewhere else. And then, just before getting to the unmanifest pure field, you cross the Planck Scale and gain five more dimensions! More... The Maharishi effect (superradiance) is a quantum effect that is easily repeatable and measurable.


Taking silence every day has been part of my lifestyle for over 25 years now. And when it is done in a group there is definitely a wholeness effect that is greater than the sum of the parts. And when the groups are large enough the good effect is measurable, often dramatically.


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is cautioning Americans to prepare for a global fight against terrorism. Rumsfeld says the war will be a new type of conflict for the U.S. He thinks it will be grim.


Major General Kulwant Singh, a highly decorated and experienced man from northern India - he was the one that informed the US government that when his troops in India would fight the Taliban in Kashmir, the only way to fight the suicidal extremists is to outnumber them 10 to 1. Even then, the fighting in Kashmir has gone on for years and years. Anyhow, he is in Washington D.C. urging president Bush to quickly implement a "prevention wing" of the military - 10-20,000 troops trained in the powerful technology of Transcendental Meditation and related techniques. Rather than fighting darkness with more grim darkness, here is an offer to fight darkness with light (and I can say it's not grim either - generating lively silence in big groups is a gas! It's blissful, expansive and feels utterly natural and right). I know this to be the new thing Governor Cuomo was grasping for.


Want more? CLICK HERE to see more examples of the failure of fighting darkness with darkness and what Egypt's President Mubarak has in common with L.A. Police Chief Willy Williams!


So this is my page for telling you about what I think. Pardon the clunky web design; it's a work in progress. I hope that by sharing this, a new avenue of possibility can be appreciated and shared again...


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Here is information on the meeting in Fairfield, Iowa that I went to after the bombing with my wife and family: - this link is JOHN HAGELIN'S Institute of Science, Technology, and Public Policy.


More info on Superradiance and TM: also





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