After the massacre at the Gilberto Molina farm in 1989 the Colombian government took the farm and land. In 1997 it was given to a foundation dedicated to the rehabilitation of street kids and young addicts called Hogares Claret. Padre Gabriel Mejia turned that ill-fated farm into a large therapeutic community for over 120 boys 9-17 in age. Transcendental Meditation is the core of the rehabilitation along with service work, Catholic religion and yoga. in 2015 Padre Gabriel told me that they needed a facility for the boys to perform the TM-Sidhis program, including yogic flying. As my driver Miguelito, a survivor of the Emerald Wars, drove us to the farm for the first time he exclaimed, "Señor Ronald, this is the location of the Gilberto Molina massacre !!" Thus after 26 years a circle of fate completed its orbit, transforming a dark past into a fortuitous future.  
We were driving to visit Father Mejia to see the land where my non-profit, Clayhands,  would build a meditation hall for the boys of his Hogares Claret therapeutic community.

This is the farm as depicted in the Netflix series.

This shows what was the Gilberto Molina ranch and is now part of the Hogares Claret compound of Padre Gabriel Mejia. Here adults with addictions undergo rehabilitation while to the left, are the buildings for the 110 boys aged nine to seventeen. 

Liftoff:  All boys undergo rehab with daily TM practice. Of the 110 boys, 80 practice TM as well as the TM-Sidhis program which includes yogic flying, a technique that produces very high brainwave coherence. Inwardly they experience a feeling of expansiveness, unboindedness and lightness.

This building is the meditation and TM-Sidhis hall. Here 110 boys have room to meditate twice a day. It was built by the author's foundation Clayhands. Please visit at for more information.

2-minute video showing Padre Gabriel, Ron Ringsrud and the Clayhands inauguration of the flying hall.

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