Ever heard this?: "Good is more powerful than evil?" or "You get the Leaders you deserve"?

Superradiance defined (the term comes from quantum physics):


In coherent systems such as lasers, the coherent elements in the system have an influence that is proportional to their number squared, whereas incoherent elements generally have an influence that is proportional only to their number. This applies to societies as well: small groups of experts, silently enlivening the collective consciousness through group practice of TM and TM Sidhis, have lowered rates of crime, accidents, hospital admissions, and even war deaths* to a significant, measurable level. This effect has been measured repeatedly over the last 20 years.










Like Eddington and Nansen, by announcing the predicted results beforehand with academia and with the city authorities, they succeeded in a bold and public scientific demonstration.


Our Leaders - The concept of a pervasive field of consciousness underlying both the individual and society is central to Eastern as well as Western philosophical traditions. Two founders of modern psychology, Gustav Fechner and William James (1898/1977), agreed that there exists a continuum of consciousness uniting individual minds that could be directly experienced if the psycho physical threshold of perception were sufficiently lowered through refinement in the functioning of the nervous system. Carl Jung (1959) and Emil Durkheim (1951) also proposed theories of collective consciousness.


A side-effect of the collective consciousness reality is that a President is a simple reflection of the society he governs. He can do only as much good (or non-good) as the population deserves. Result: a sternly worded letter to the President is usually less effective (in creating a positive change) than an hour of silent transcendence (enlivening the inner, unified, life-supporting nature of the nation's collective consciousness).


                                                                                                                    Winston Churchill




"No one can guarantee success in war. He can only deserve it."


       Silent Field


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