Remember the story of Nobel physicist A. Eddington going boldly off with a group of scientists to a solar eclipse in South America to prove (or disprove!) Einstein's Relativity Theory? He really put things on the line! Or, in 1893 of the explorer Fritjof Nansen sailing his ship with 20 men straight into the pack ice of the North Polar Sea to prove his theory of the westerly drift of the ice cap? These were very dramatic public demonstrations of theories which at the time nobody quite knew the answer. These demonstrations went on to change common understanding.

Large-scale demonstrations of the Maharishi Effect were announced to the scientific community well beforehand, with the predicted results outlined in detail.

In the 1995 issue of Social Indicators Journal is the final compilation of the June 1993 group coherence-creating experiment in Washington D.C., the city with the highest crime and murder rate. During a two month period this assembly of expert meditators measurably and dramatically reduced crime (as measured by murder and violent crime rates) and negativity (as measured by 911 calls, rape hotline calls, accidents and hospital admissions) in that city. Other demonstration projects>>


Check out my experience in Los Angeles the year of the Rodney King Verdict!!!!!


[Maharishi Effect in 35 words:]  "Small groups of meditation experts, practicing the techniques of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis, can radiate a measurable level of coherence and harmony into the surrounding society resulting in reductions in crime, accident and sickness rates."

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