In reality, Nature has a way of rising up to correct large imbalances. In its own elegant way it does the minimum to accomplish the maximum. Below is a quote from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his commentary on the Bhagavat Gita. He is adressing this phenomenon:









'Dharma' is derived from the root dhri, meaning 'that which upholds'. Dharma is that which upholds or sustains all that is. Whenever dharma is in decay, the balance of nature is disturbed, the equilibrium is lost, the path of evolution is distorted and chaos prevails. At such special times Nature sets out to balance things again.

Dharma upholds evolution; but when, as a result of the wrongdoing of a large majority of people on earth, the power of dharma becomes overshadowed, the natural force of evolution in nature becomes weak. A situation is created whereby the everchanging world of relative existence begins to lose its natural pattern. This endangers the fullness of the relative aspect of life. The almighty power that holds intact the fullness of the Absolute together with the fullness of the relative phase of life is stirred. And that almighty power of Nature rises up.

The decay of dharma - the distortion of the path of evolution, the decline of righteousness in society - brings about a need for the restoration of the true principles of life; an act of almighty nature comes, the whole of nature rejoices in that coming, dharma is restored and evil is brought to an end.

The establishment of dharma in God's creation is His own work. He does it. He does it again and again, most often through the automatic arrangement of His government, He Himself remains behind the scenes.