Sept 15,2001

The Subramanian translation of the Srimad Bhagavatam begins with Queen Kunthi praying to The Lord, "may misfortune visit us continuously." She must have been on to the relationship between misfortune and fast evolution. What's up with that? Why pray for calamity??  




If something bad happens it only happens because it was permitted by the laws of Nature. Every day of the year certain people wake up thinking to kill someone or blow something up; usually they don't accomplish it because negative thoughts are weak and don't receive support of Nature. Occasionally, when they do, it's because something needed destruction - usually calamity precedes growth and evolution. That's why Queen Kunthi prayed for calamity - calamity is like having God's attention on you; it causes speedy (but uncomfortable) evolution.

Just like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the White House had prior information about the terrorist plans of Bin Laden. But like Pearl Harbor, the destructive forces had an unusual amount of support of nature - enough to make smart people blind to warning signals...

Even though Bin-Laden proclaimed the imminence of an assault on US soil (after the partially failed 1993 World Trade Center parking structure bombing), and US intelligence was impotent, even though the attacks must have taken months, if not years to plan.

Pearl Harbor was just as inevitable - when static electricity builds up in a cloud, only a violent lightning bolt will balance it out.. The possibility of a Japanese attack in early December of 1941 was known to US Naval Intelligence and to President Roosevelt. Nature's intelligence is not just evident in snowflakes; nothing happens that is not permitted by the grand laws of nature.

From the International Herald Tribune: "The practical uselessness of revenge has repeatedly been demonstrated, and continues to be demonstrated in the Middle East, since those who employ terrorism are not functioning on a pragmatic scale of reward and punishment. As the Israelis find, making martyrs of your enemies invites further martyrdoms."

*"There are no technological defenses, as such, against this sort of thing. Surely, if nothing else comes out of the attacks Tuesday, they ought to have demonstrated to Americans the irrelevance of national missile defense."